Day Dream Surf Shop

A Barista and Surfer’s Wet Dream

Day Dream Surf Shop

1. Day Dream Surf Shop

Address: 1588 Monrovia Ave,
Newport Beach, CA 92663

A Barista and Surfer’s Wet Dream | Being located just a mile away from PCH, it attracts baristas and surfers alike to get a perfectly extracted espresso or some of the best drip coffee in the OC.

In true Multi-roaster fashion, they have an ever changing hopper showcasing some of the best roasters in the nation. Often brewing Onyx Coffee Lab (Fayetteville, AR), Cat & Cloud (Santa Cruz, CA), and SEY (Brooklyn, NY), they will on occasion showcase an international roaster such as The Barn (Berlin, Germany). Even if you are not the biggest fan of drinking coffee black, they offer a multitude of different milk drinks and a signature drink that could have been easily made by a professional mixologist.

If you ask anyone in the industry for the top coffee shops in Orange County and I can guarantee you that Day Dream will be in the top 3. The baristas behind the bar are not only some of the friendliest people you will ever meet, but are also some of the best trained. I visit this shop quite frequently (still waiting for the restraining order) and have never received a poorly extracted shot of espresso. This may not mean much to most, but if you could for a second try to remember how many times you have ordered scrambled eggs or an omelette, and yet even though it is just eggs frying in a pan each time the consistency is just slightly different. Some are too dry, some are too hard, some are too runny, some don’t even look like eggs by the end of it. That is one ingredient and a pan. Now try to imagine that you had to get the espresso ground to the exact gram, that your portafilter basket was completely wiped dry and clean from old used grounds, that your distributor was dialed in and completely dry, that your tamp was the correct pressure and not off center to create channeling, the list can go on and water hasn’t even touched coffee yet!

These baristas are not only able to correctly do all of these steps, but have the pallet and


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