A Barista’s review on Orange County’s Specialty Coffee Shops

For a true Third Wave Coffee Experience

Day Dream Surf Shop

1. Day Dream Surf Shop

Address: 1588 Monrovia Ave,
Newport Beach, CA 92663

A Barista and Surfer’s Wet Dream | Being located just a mile away from PCH, it attracts baristas and surfers alike to get a perfectly extracted espresso or some of the best drip coffee in the OC.

In true Multi-roaster fashion, they have an ever changing hopper showcasing some of the best roasters in the nation. Often brewing Onyx Coffee Lab (Fayetteville, AR), Cat & Cloud (Santa Cruz, CA), and SEY (Brooklyn, NY), they will on occasion showcase an international roaster such as The Barn (Berlin, Germany). Even if you are not the biggest fan of drinking coffee black, they offer a multitude of different milk drinks and a signature drink that could have been easily made by a professional mixologist. Read more…

KIT Coffee

2. KIT Coffee

Address: 1617 Westcliff Dr
#103, Newport Beach,
CA 92660

A Taste of Portland | Initially driving into the parking lot you can tell that you are in the land of the Real Housewives of Newport Beach, with Lululemon and Lattes galore. However, if you make it past the yoga mats and Mercedes, you will be rewarded with a little taste of Portland.

They showcase a variety of different coffee from Portland including Heart Coffee Roasters (Portland, OR) and Coava Coffee Roasters (Portland, OR). I will never forget visiting the Coava roaster in Portland and talking to the Barista behind the bar, who not only knew about KIT, but had friends who worked there (Talk about a reputation proceeding itself). In true Oregon fashion, they offer Ben Jacobsen Salt, alongside multiple single origin espresso and even more pour over choices. Read more…

Neat Coffee

3. Neat Coffee

Address: 1922 Pomona Ave,
Costa Mesa, CA 92627

Lives up to its Name | Talk about a hole in the wall, literally surrounded by a fence with a gated opening, Neat Coffee provides a clean and personal coffee experience. How they managed to fit a kitchen that produces some amazing toast options, is pretty neat.

Their weapon of choice to serve the good people of Costa Mesa is a roaster out of the Riverside area, Arcade Coffee Roasters (Riverside, CA). They pair this coffee with some housemade simple syrups and almond milk. Read more…


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